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About Online Booking

Thank you for buying your tickets online.

Luggage: personal travel items that are accompanied by a passenger.

$5.00 per item up to 40 lbs., $10.00 up to 75 lbs. over 75 lbs. $.15 per pound.
PLEASE LABEL YOUR ITEMS - Many look the same.
Items without tags cannot be loaded.

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

Ticket sales are non-refundable. Delays or cancellations may be possible during extreme weather and other considerations. Please call to check ferry schedule. With reasonable notice, exchanges are accepted.  Rebooking fee of $10.  Tickets are valid for 1 year from date of issue with the exception of holiday or trips not on regular schedule.  These are not exchangeable and non-refundable.

Policy Notices


Reservations are REQUIRED. Cash, check or credit card are accepted.

Timing Method

Tickets may be picked up at our ticket office on the day of travel.

Privacy Policy

Cuttyhunk Ferry Company never releases any information about its customers or any information received from its customers to anyone. Transaction and financial information is encoded during transmission and credit card information is not stored online.

Please email if you have any questions concerning our security and privacy policies.

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
Mass State law prohibits alcohol consumption that is not purchased on board.


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